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Testimonials: Testimonials

Working with Annalise was an awesome experience! I was merging my old kitchen with a newly renovated expanded island and buffet, which left me with unique cabinet dimensions. Annalise was able to see the opportunity in these spaces and made zones in my kitchen that make sense and will be easy to maintain. She took an existing, underused closet and converted it into my new pantry! Last but not least Annalise implemented a paper sorting method that will help me avoid those dreaded paper piles in the future!! In the end, the only question she left me with was, “Why did I wait so long to do this?" Worth every penny!!

Heather I. ~ Norton, MA

I reached out to Annalise for help setting up my new kitchen. She was very responsive to my questions. I needed help! I had too much stuff and didn’t know where to start. She was able to guide me through decluttering, then organizing. What really helped was her advice on what to put where for the best use. I wish she would do my whole house! You will not be disappointed, no matter how small or big your needs are.

Deirdre S. ~ Franklin, MA

Life changing! I am in love with my organized kitchen! Annalise helped get our kitchen back. She is easy to work with, providing us with sustainable organizing solutions that work for our family.

Rebecca H. ~ Kings Park, NY

I live on the opposite coast from Annalise and I’ve never met her in person (despite a shared surname, we are not related!). I was a little hesitant about signing up for this because I wasn’t sure how useful it would be virtually, rather than in person. I also didn’t have a kitchen that was overflowing with gadgets; I’m pretty good about purging stuff regularly. What could she teach me that I hadn’t done before? Fast forward 3 sessions, and my space has been transformed. We didn’t need to focus too much on decluttering in my case (although I did end up getting rid of more than I had anticipated, which feels great) but Annalise was focused on the flow of my space and making it work for me. Her approach is NOT one-size-fits-all. She asked a lot of questions and came up with solutions to problem areas I hadn’t really recognized before. I can’t begin to describe the difference this has made in my daily life! I had not realized how the clutter was affecting my emotional state (she talked about “toxic clutter,” and how to deal with it).

She gives homework after each session so you do have to be committed to doing the work, but she provides clear action items so it’s not overwhelming. And she’s super kind and understanding through the whole process. There were a couple of times she suggested something that I felt unsure about but I did them anyway to try them out. FOLLOW HER ADVICE! She knows what she is talking about! We discussed my “style” of organizing and her suggestions synced up exactly with what worked for me. I am so happy I decided to take the leap and try her virtual package.

Meegan T. ~ Tacoma, WA

I had an awesome experience with the Organized Kitchen. From start to finish, Annalise was super informative about the options and the reasons for choosing each one based on my family's needs for our kitchen. We have 4 kids (3 little and 1 older) and the systems she put into place have worked wonders. With limited and oddly placed space in our kitchen, she made it feel as though we had twice the room. Highly recommend getting your kitchen organized with this company, you won't regret it!

Kate B. ~ Norton, MA

We are so pleased with what Annalise helped us envision and achieve in our kitchen. We met virtually and it worked well. Actually, working virtually gave us lots of flexibility with scheduling our appointments. Annalise literally rearranged all but two cabinets, we trusted her suggestions and our kitchen flow makes more sense and is more intuitive. Our countertops are free of clutter! Everything has a place and feels more "organized"! This kitchen project has inspired us to look at our closets with new vision. Annalise gave us fresh ideas and great tips that we can use for organizing other spaces too! We highly recommend the online package...she will bring new life to your kitchen even from far away!

Denise D. ~ Norwalk, CT

Annalise is a pro in the kitchen! She mapped out the most practical and efficient way to maximize my cabinet space. The changes brought a refreshing new perspective to everyday life in my kitchen!

Annalise brought knowledge, joy, and a thoughtful approach to rezoning my kitchen and gave me great cooking tips as well!

Heather M. ~ Norton, MA

I needed help with my kitchen. Annalise was so knowledgeable and patient. She asked great questions which helped determine how to rearrange my space. It’s been a couple months since we completed the work and I am so pleased. My space just makes sense now!!!

Renée H. ~ Attelboro, MA

I moved in to my new home 8 months ago and haven’t been happy with my kitchen. Annalise came for a consult and her ideas were just what I needed. She is professional, kind, and helpful, and has a real passion for what she does. After her work was done, my kitchen is better organized, easier to use, and I cooked a large family meal, using Annalise’s tips and organization and enjoyed it for the first time in forever! Thank you for helping me love my kitchen and cooking in a new way 😃. Couldn’t recommend her more!!

Greg B. ~ Taunton, MA

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